Gia Genevieve Curves Unbound For Diesel

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Gia Genevieve has the moxy to take on any type of photoshoot. Since homaging Marilyn Monroe on many occasion, Gia is the go-to busty blonde with attitude for your more alt-hot photoshoots such as this visual bit of funbag-self holding sweetness in Diesel magazine. Show me a busty blonde with her top off and I will show you the world. Well, maybe not the word, but rest assured I'll show you the busty blonde with her top off. It's the least I can do.

Gia has the brash style that sets her apart from so many of her more tame and occasionally blankly staring peers. Also the rack of a heavenly hottie who knows how to have a good time. The big hair I don't fully understand save for some memories back to a few evenings in Jersey I do care to remember. Oh, you Jersey mall girls, you're hard to shake. Job well done, Gia. Drop the hands and I'll pin a ribbon on your for first place. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Diesel Magazine

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