First Look At Netflix Voltron: Legendary Defender Is Friggin Amazing

For men of a certain age, (like me), Voltron was a quintessential part of our childhood in the 80's. I came home from school every day just in time to watch the adventures of the Voltron force. I mean, it's a show about giant robot lions that form a giant robot dude who fights giant monsters. What about that is not awesome? I still have the all metal Voltron action figure in my office. So, I was a little wary when I heard that Netflix was relaunching the series. Not because Netflix doesn't produce good programming, it's more that my childhood has been abused by Hollywood remaking classics from my childhood badly. I'm looking your way George Lucas. They showed a teaser at Wondercon a couple of days ago and it was so awesome that it got a standing ovation. People lost their friggin' minds. So did I.

All I can say is that if you can get this excited about the robot coming together, then Voltron: Legendary Defender is going to rule all ass.  

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