Tawny Jordan Revealing Thongtastic Bikini In Malibu

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Tawny Jordan has a body built for show. You wouldn't park your classic Maserati away in a dark garage any more than you'd put clothes of much kind on Tawny Jordan whose asstastic and curvaceous stellar wonders were meant to be on the beach covered in barely anything rolling around in the sand for the cameras. Let those engines do their thing.

Tawny was once more pimping the bottled water by way of barely covered boobtastic and a female form that makes men do really stupid things. Well, stupider things. The male brain isn't responsible for itself whilst gazing upon such reproductive inducing thoughts. This is how the species survives. Also, why teen boys need to crank up the metal in their rooms after school. We're all just animals. Tawny Jordan just being a superior member of the gender female of the species. The most she preens the more we suffer. Seems like s square deal. I'm truly sorry you forgot your bikini top in the car. I wish it wasn't so far away or I'd run and get it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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