Sky Ferreira Revealing Bra Top

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Sky Ferreira I'm prepared to label an underrated hottie. She blonde pixie singer and model sort of flies under the radar most of the time likely by her own hand and preference. But when she comes out to play, as she must soon with her new album dropping this summer, she dolls up and shows off and reminds me why I decided to write a poem for her years ago that I believe she used as Exhibit A in her restraining order case against me. Poetry is like that. 

In the new issue of Dazed & Confused magazine, Sky shows off in a revealing bra top and some more conventional sextastic looks from this unconventional looking blonde alt hottie. She's a Venice chick through and through. And self-made at that. I have nothing but respect for Sky and nothing but lust for Sky's body. Hopefully we can see much more of the latter in the coming months of public pimping and promotion. Sky, you have so much to offer beyond just your music. Let it all out. All of it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dazed & Confused Magazine

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