Sara Foster, Kate Hudson, JoJo Levesque & Nicole Trunfio Cleavy Night Out At Mr. Nice Guy

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I can't help but feeling there are big parties going on around town over the weekend that I'm not be invited to, though being barred from is nearly the same. The Mr. Nice Guy nightclub which sounds horrible but routinely brings out sextastic celebrities had a little soiree that brought in the beautiful decked out ladies such as Hadid step sister hottie Sara Foster, Kate Hudson and her worked out hard body, JoJo Levesque and her racktastic of legend, and Nicole Trunfio who has never seen a bra that she didn't hate. Blessedly hot quartet.

I always wondered what it would be like to be sashaying into some swank establishment with these world class women laughing and preparing to dance the night away and be served multi-thousand dollar bottles of overpriced booze. Not that I didn't revel in six smelly guys and the Coors Party Ball at my place, this just seems different. Staring into Nicole Trunfio's top, I'd have to say, better different. Ladies, I love to dance and I hold purses as needed. Call me next time. I'm completely unbooked through 2019. If my iCal went further, I could extend that range. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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