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Nina Agdal Shaving Cream Only Bikini Delights

Somebody wins a bonus point in the marketing department for coming up with this idea. Nina Agdal wearing nothing but shaving cream shaped in a bikini around her fun parts. The shoot was done as a commercial in conjunction with the Swimsuit Edition and is pretty much genius even if Nina is forced to spout some nonsense about how the shaving cream must be good for men's faces if it's good enough for her virtual bikini. Well, I suppose fantasy wise if she were to apply it directly to your face via her top and bottom, it would be very good for you.

After pimping the shizz out of Nina out of Denmark we were pleased to see her catch her break in SI and move on to much bigger and better and hotter Danish Delight stages. Now a world class hottie known by all, she can be the star of the show, whether covered in just shaving cream or covered in nothing at all. No offense to shaving cream, but we'll take Nina in her pure birthday suit if you please. Unless she needs a shave, in which case I do have a slow hand. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

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