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McKayla Maroney Retires From Gymnastics, But Not from Our Lust-Filled Hearts

Busty minxy heartbreaking gymnast McKayla Maroney has announced her retirement from the sport. It's not an older woman's sport. Or even a younger woman's sport. Really anyone over 20 is super old to be putting their body through such rigor and bone breakage and damage and all that stuff that when you're 50 is really going to hurt even worse. Good for McKayla. And for good for us I believe.

Without gymnastics in her life anymore, we are desperately hoping the petite bodacious hottie will devote even more time to entertaining pursuits such as showing off her sweet teats more and more on social media and even hopefully less censored avenues. She has one killer set of twins ready to explode on our own leering vault, if you will. And I will. Take a peek at some of McKayla's previous fine funbag baring work and see if you aren't ready for the floor exercise. I'm out of gymnastics puns. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Snapchat

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