Lady Gaga Super Bowl Ready

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As you know, Lady Gaga will be performing at the halftime of the Super Bowl for reasons absolutely not related to football, football fans, or guys who like to paint their chests team colors. But, it will entice millions of other eyeballs to watch the commercials during the extended half time which will be geared more toward the fairer sex and younger audience.

Gaga has been warming up this week with shows in both Europe and North America, practicing her booty flashes and skin reveals and I suppose some amount of singing as well. She seems ready in body, mind, and soul for the big Sunday performance. As am I. Beer ready. Nachos ready. Couch ready. We all prepare in a different manner. Good luck to you, Gaga. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/Live Performances In Amsterdam And The Pavillion In California

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