Jennifer Lopez Sheer Plunging Jumpsuit For "American Idol"

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Once you get past the shocking news that American Idol is still on the air, I really thought it ended a couple years ago, you can pleasurably delve back into the Forties and Faptastic goodness of Jennifer Lopez who owns the very best body for her age in Tinsel Town and isn't afraid to use it. Or show it. Or make it dance.

Jennifer always goes big for American Idol big press coverage time, by going revealing and showy, including last night's plunging jumpsuit which showed off where he babies go for snacks. Also, her gentleman ogling admirers in their minds. Jennifer's body really is a tribute to the benefits of lifelong dancing. I don't mean slow guy jog at weddings, but hardcore dancing training and routines. Limber, lean, and lust-inducing. You couldn't pick a better avocation for staying tempting into your veteran years. Jennifer, your mammaries are sparkling. Can I apply some more glitter please? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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