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Heidi Klum Sheer Lingerie Hotness

There is nothing so fine as a veteran hot mom pimping her own lingerie line. Heidi Klum is the complete package who I'd like to complete my... yeah, let's skip that one. The statuesque German blonde model and entrepreneur and TV hostess has gone full force into the business line she knows innately, looking amazing in sheer lingerie. Now she even owns a solid piece, so she's putting a full faptastic force effort into marketing her own merchandise by way of sextastic l0unging poses. 

Perhaps not every 40-something mom of nineteen kids or so can look this stellar in little bits of silk and lace, but they ought to try. Heidi is a wunderkind who has never slouched on effort, not hidden away her natural born talents. If she were my mom I'd care for her dearly, even as I rifled through her lingerie drawer as she played bridge with the gals down the block. Naughty moms produce naughty children. Something like that. Heidi, I respect you in so many ways that I really can't share with your fully until you're at my place in negligee giggling and saying dirty things in German. Oh, please, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Heidi Klum Intimates

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