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Hailee Steinfeld Wardrobe Malfunction Post Grammy Awards

It's an honor just to be nominated. Or have a wardrobe malfunction at a Grammy's after party. Hailee Steinfeld is singing as well as acting these days like so many of her peers because, well, why not. A second income stream never hurt and there are always millions of teen girls with poor taste in music willing to purchase. More to our interest was Hailee's top last night which was giving her fits and barely covering her.. well, take a look. At some point the covering stopped working.

We've been lusting after Hailee since before we were rightfully allowed to mention such feelings in public. She's growing into something of a Hollywood ingenue with a very grown up body and a willingness to put it out there. Maybe not as much as she did at the after party last night, but those headlights were ultimately meant for public consumption. Consider this a short cut. Nineteen and looking swell, Hailee. We hope to see even more of you in the coming days. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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