Ciara, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Lead List of Hotties at 2016 Grammy Awards

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The 2016 Grammy Awards are proceeding nicely. A ton of music that's hard to care for if you're not in the current music buying epicenter of under fourteen or over sixty. That's not a complaint, it's always been that way with the Grammy Awards. Another thing that's always been that way are the list of music industry hotties who come decked out for the event and to stroll along the red carpet for 10,931 cameras. I think you can see the collective flashes from space.

Ciara really looked amazing with sideboob, as as well as girl friends Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, my belusted, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Alessaandra Ambrosio and so many others. Like a processing of the beautiful. Don't call them out of my league. You don't know my league, but yeah. All the sparkles nearly blinded me. I'm headed to blindness according to my middle school teacher and what I've been doing whilst perusing these music divas in their showy gowns. Bless you lovely ladies. You make the largely craptastic music worthwhile. Enjoy.

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