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Christina Augilera Braless Big Bosoms For Women's Health

Christina Aguilera is showing off her stellar tubes in the new edition of Women's Health magazine because what says health more than a pair of perfectly curvaceous funbags without any support dangling for the world to see? That's rhetorical. The answer is obviously nothing. Especially when you're also able to assist with men's health along the way in the form of increased blood flow to the extremities. Everybody wins.

Christina has so much celebrity baggage about her at any given time that it's hard to take the time to stop and smell the sextastic roses. To just remember why you dreamed she was your weekend girlfriend all those times with her bouncy flouncy teats in revealing tops singing her doleful songs, hopefully after the extensive making of the sexy while you're napping or watching football. I don't think of Christina necessarily when picturing the epitome of women's health, but I do often picture her nekkid reading magazines, so there's that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Women's Health

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