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Bella Thorne Naughty Snapchat

Bella Thorne wants your attention. Mine too I'm quite certain. Who are to deny this hard working ginger barely legal her one and only request? Not rude I assure you.

Bella has been working overtime on her busty baring selfies on snapchat, her home away from home even though she seems to be at home when sharing her revealing tank top and down top shots of her blessedly hot worked out redhead body. I can see why she's getting so much work these days. I can also almost see where babies get their breakfast. Bella, you have so much more room to grow into the role of teasing vixen. I'd give you advice but I sure do love seeing you try and find your way on your own. You don't have to get nekkid any time soon, I mean, it would be amazing and we would be forever grateful, but do take your time. When you're ready. Do you think we can expect you're ready maybe by this coming Tuesday? Sorry, so anxious. Wednesday maybe? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat

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