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Bai Ling Hot Pink Monkey For Chinese New Year

Let's say this for Bai Ling, she's not subtle. The Chinese born actress and all around show-woman out in public took her Chinese New Year's Year of the Monkey spirit to the Beverly Hills sign on Sunset Blvd. to show off covered in nothing more than pink stuffed monkeys. As I said, not super subtle. Yet ever so spirited.

It must be at least thrice a week now that Bai gets out on the town in hardly any clothing showing off her Forties and Faptastic finely hewn veteran hottie form for no purpose other than she seems to dig it and we dig it too. How beautiful is that sentiment? So pure. So skin-filled. Bai, do let me know when it's the Year of the Handsy Groper because I'd sure like to replace those monkeys on your fine female form. I don't like bananas but I'm excellent at grooming. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash/PacificCoastNews

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