Ashley Benson Sheer Chesty Treats Redux in Flaunt (VIDEO)

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We got a look toward the end of last year at the heavily belusted blonde thespianic Ashley Benson in all kinds of visual wonderment in her Flaunt magazine spread, which just got a little better because now we can see even more of Ashley and her stellar buxom body from that same pictorial behind the scenes of her shoot.

2015 was truly the breakout year for Ashley. A time when she started to put it all together in terms of the body sextastic. She's always had the amazing tools in the toolshed, but she finally brought them out and built something spectacular with them. Well, at least a few boners if we're being honest. That's some high level craftsmanship. Take a peek at Ashley behind the scenes and see if you aren't just silly desperate to see even more of her in the current year. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Flaunt Magazine

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