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Alicia Arden Pasties and Thong For Valentine's Day

Alicia Arden understands the upside of Valentine's Day. Get mostly naked and put some pink pasties and a thong over your fun parts to keep from getting arrested. That's about the best part of this silly holiday inspired by merchandisers everywhere, much to the dismay of men around the world.

Still, there's sextastic veteran boobtastic Alicia Arden having so much fun with her pink hearts and little red panties. Who would deny her such fun? Who would deny us gentleman oglers the chance to scan her body goodness and pretend she was our Valentine booty call. Such that suck dream existed. Bah humbug I say to Valentine's, but bah hottie I say to Alicia Arden and her curvaceous February 14th wonder. I'm so torn. as always, I err on the side of alluring skin. Bless you, Alicia. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

Alicia had some similar wardrobe ideas for Christmas...

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