Solveig Mørk Hansen Revealing Lingerie Tease

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Oh, Danish hot girls, will you never cease taunting me with your goodness? God I hope not. The crazy sextastic Solveig Mork Hansen, who I affectionally refer to as Morky while she calls me, that guy who I have a restraining order against in seven different nations, teases like almost no other in lingerie in this sensational for all the senses below the waist Tyler Kandel photoshoot.

Solveig's bare midriff alone could start a  thousand bar fights over who just says her name more clearly. When you start moving north or south from her taut tummy you get into territories where men would fight and die over. It's an honorable death to say the least. Though I'd prefer to live and be the man to find the actual treasure. Does X really mark the spot. All the spots? This pirate of the sextastic Euro models intends to find out. Now, where's my patch? No, not for my eye. I'm going in. Solveig, hold me tight and cling me to your bosom. I feel a cry coming on. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tyler Kandel

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