Selena Gomez, Michelle Rodriguez and Others Hotties in Red Dress Showdown at UNICEF Ball

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You know when January rolls around I like to get my UNICEF on. A wonderful charitable organization that also happens to bring out the hotties in New York for the gala events. How can you not support the children and how can you not show up looking like a million damn benevolent dollars as Selena Gomez and Michelle Rodriguez did both cleavetastic in red, for a little bit of the scarlet competition. I give my award to both. So damn hot.

The pair were joined by Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr, and Mariah Carey all showing off their wares with teasing bares and decked out dressed up for the righteous cause. Like a sextastic parade of dream girls 20-45, which is right there in my happy zone. I'll overlook the fact that my invitation was overlooked in the mail once again, thanking the good fortune of our paparazzi partners for capturing the best of the boobtastic at the event. What a night. I only wish I could wake up next to one in the morning. Sad emoji face or something like that. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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