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Sarah Harris Cleavtastic Bikini In Malibu

Sarah Harris makes my heart feel three sizes bigger. Maybe not my heart, but you get the idea. The smoking hot blonde bombshell of Playboy and Maxim shoot notoriety threw her anatomical hat into the ring as another of the long line of curvaceous bikini models who all apparently drink the same bottled water. Or at least take it splashing through the frigid waters of Malibu in the middle of winter. God bless sextastic women who say 'yes' to such propositions. 

Sarah's bikini body has to be seen to be believed, and probably felt if you want to pass directly to heaven. I've been leering her hotness now for half an hour and I only find various shades of perfection. Mother Nature invented ridiculously good looking blonde bikini models so that we could stop looking at all her other wonderful creations for just a bit. You can admire stop and smell the roses for so long before you want to stop and smell the pure passion inducement that is Sarah Harris. Mmm, salty, with just a hint of hot damn. Enjoy

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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