Nikki Lund White Bikini Hottie In Malibu

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Bikini model and fashion designer and again bikini model Nikki Lund took her curvaceous turn in white on the sandy shores of Malibu to remind men again why Mother Nature invented eyeballs and then built that connecting line directly from them to the bobos. It's true. I studied anatomy in online college.

Nikki Lund has a reputation for her curves and don't think her sweltering boobtastic wasn't going to make a big showing in this two piece swimsuit pose down along the shoreline. Miami might have the tops in terms of international model sensations strutting about the warm grains of crystal, but Los Angeles is no slouch when it comes to blonde bombshells showing off in Baywatch land. Nikki, what happens if I pull that string there in the front? I'm asking for a friend who looks just like me but is twice as horny. If that's possible. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Nikki does like herself in a white bikini, as do we.

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