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Naomi Campbell Sextastic Sheer In Lingerie

Naomi Campbell is not just maturing gracefully, she's doing so with sextastic aplomb. The supermodel continues to work regularly in magazines and major catalog shoots for all lines of wardrobe, including still the lacy black bits of lingerie that turn men into gooey-kneed humble servants upon viewing. It's really kind of like a magic act except not the nerdy kind.

Looking behind the scenes of her recent shoot for Yamamay lingerie, you can see the veteran sextastic using sheer force of Forties and Faptastic fine female form to put the oomph into the bra and panties and garter sales. What man wouldn't want to come home to find this fantasy in his bedroom. Well, in my fantasy Naomi is in her lingerie making me a chili cheese burger in the kitchen first. It's subconscious. I can't control it. But, trust me, we make sweet sexy all night long, even with my onion breath. It just turns her on. Crazy. But it works. Don't get dressed, Naomi, you look perfect. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yamamay

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