Miss Bum Bum Suzy Cortez Body Paint For Barcelona

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When you see a Brazilian butt pageant winner rooting for an Argentinean soccer player by painting his Barcelona jersey onto her otherwise undressed body, then you begin to understand the passion behind the sport especially in the Latin world. Also, you're rewarded with Miss Bum Bum flashing her bum bum and yum yums covered only in team colors for the love of the beautiful game.

I'm not so sure how healthy all of this body paint really is, but I know it looks better on Suzy Cortez' curves than on the fat topless guy who sat next to me at the last NFL game I attended covered in colored paint. Much better. Suzy has a body not exactly like a classical canvas, but certainly a bodacious and inspiring foundation for any work of art. Next time, maybe try my jersey, Suzy? Perhaps my fourth grade baseball uni? That's kind of where I peaked out. Glory days and asstastic women. Good stuff. Enjoy.

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Suzy Cortez made a killer bottom video...

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