Lauren Cohan Leggy Hot Workout Behind The Scenes

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Lauren Cohan behind the scenes of a hardcore workout in Spandex for Shape magazine? Oh, yes, serve me up some of that.

The Walking Dead sextastic siren and vastly underrated hottie takes off the gloves and starts toning legs and core in one alluring bit of workout pictorial for the magazine that probably mostly makes women feel lazy by comparison. Fair enough. Lauren no doubt works hard for the toned body she's achieved and showing off much to the delight of the gentleman oglers who benefit the most from female sweat. If we were in the same aerobics class I'd definitely try to get a spot directly behind Lauren. I know that's crude and wrong and I don't care. You only go around once. But if you get that sweet mat spot, you can watch Lauren go around several times and make you happy all over. Wear the baggy shorts. Just saying. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Shape Magazine

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