Kate England Short Skirt Back and Frontside Reveals For Funtime in Daytime

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Given the nature of her adult profession, Kate England isn't likely to be super show about accidentally flashing her booty cheeks or panties in public. In fact, it may be the most demure part of her day. As for us, we always applaud and or get down on our knees for a better peek when a blonde hottie wears such a short skirt in public.

Hot Link: Kate England caught topless sunbathing in Miami (EgotasticAllStars)

Kate has been out and about much lately, at the beach, on the go, reminding gentleman oglers that even the ladies of the mature themed entertainment media are roaming the byways of your fair borough and providing excellent viewing opportunities. Some sweet cheeks here, some upskirt teasing peeks there. It's all happening in your neighborhood. If not, move neighbhorhoods pronto. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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