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Gigi Hadid Flashing Stellar Booty Cheeks For SI Volleyball Tournament In Miami

SI is prepping their big time of the year and swimsuit edition with a series of promotional events around the warmer spots of the nation, including a volleyball tournament in Miami featuring the hotness and booty cheek reveals of super rising model star Gigi Hadid. Beach volleyball primarily having been invented for the purpose of showcasing super fine female form bouncing and leaping their way into your libidos. I'd say it's working.

Since coming onto the modeling scene as a barely legal two years ago, the next generation celebrity model Gigi has scored major gig after major gig in the world of fashion where she claims she's frequently harassed for having too large a rack and a curvaceous booty to be a runway model. You should have such problems, I know. I stand in support of Gigi's righteous body and squeeze her asstastic cheeks in one-hundred percent support. Bullies, stay away. I've got her back. And, again, that absolutely perfect rump. Stand clear, I feel a bump, set, and spike coming on. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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