Crappy Foreign Film Knock-Offs: Turkish "Star Trek"

With the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness, nerds everywhere are preparing to have dorkgasms over the latest installment of the adventures of Kirk and Spock. Trekkies, (or Trekkers if you want to be that guy), will watch almost anything with the name Star Trek on it. They even paid to see the one where Spock's brother makes them look for God or the one with the stupid whales. So while they wait for Into Darkness, they can get their Trek fix from the truly awful Turkish rip-off Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda Star Trek.

Unlike Turkish Star Wars that at least changes the plot a little bit, Turkish Star Trek doesn't bother. They actually largely re-enact a classic original series episode called "The Man Trap", that presumably featured George Takei. All of the characters, sound effects, and music are the same as the original series. The only difference is the addition of Omer the Tourist. Omer was a popular hobo-type character that would stumble into whacky adventures and botch things up. In a way, Turkish Star Trek is more like a fan film than just a cynical money making knock-off. It's clear that the actors and the director are trying really hard to make it like the actual show. Like most fan films, the effects are dreadful, the costumes laughable, and the acting sub-sub-sub-par. Still, they get a B for effort. Watch it in its entirety here.

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