Turkey Fryer Safety With William Shatner

There is nothing more sublime than a deep fried turkey. I grew up on the Gulf coast of Texas and this tradition of turkey frying has a long and respected history down there. Mainly because we fry everything, even Twinkies (respect). But it is a dangerous thing to fry a turkey if you don't know how to do it properly. This time of year, many people who aren't familiar with how to fry a turkey get into serious trouble. You put a frozen turkey in boiling oil and you're getting a nasty explosion. 

Luckily, William Shatner, the greatest worst actor on Earth, is here to drop some knowledge on proper fried turkey procedure in this PSA Eat, Fry, Love. There is overacting, bad fake fire, and some amazing "fryer cam" shots. Someone also put the video to music.

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