Tianna Gregory Asstastic Boobtastic Instagram Madness

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Tianna Gregory is one of those buxom hottie models who has tremendous following across the digital world, though you don't see her much in the classic magazines and traditional press. She's the new generation of fitness and bikini models who have promoted themselves to fame and gigs and ridiculously hot beach and studio shoots in tiny little outfits. A self-made sextastic if you will.

Given her 2.3 million fans following on Instagram, we figured it was time to give you a sneak peek on the curvaceous hottie who loves to squeeze her chest to and fro whilst posing or working out. See what all the fuss was about. Perhaps fuss around yourself. You're only human. So is Tianna Gregory, though a different breed apart. Quite damn hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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