Suzy Cortez Miss Bumbum Brazil 2015 Thongs (VIDEO)

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Well if it isn't Muss Bumbum. Though the Brazilians will soon have the Olympic games, the invention of the contest for best bikini bottom may outshine all other sporting endeavors.

Suzy Cortez is something of a full-bottomed model. Not the ginormous cakes we've seen on winners in the past, but a nice two-hands full of badonkadonk the Sudamericana man folk prize so dearly in their passion inducing ladies. You can see her in motion too to verify her booty bona fides. She's all there. And worthy of her award. I typically shy away from superlatives and best of's, but if I were to meet Suzy in person in her little thong and she asked me if I thought she deserved her recognition, you know I'd hardly quibble. Just cry and ask to experience the full bumbum. Enjoy.

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