Solveig Mork Hansen Barely Contained Cleavy Bikinis

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Oh, Danish girls in bikinis, you do take my breath away.

Specifically today Solveig Mork Hansen. You know how I feel about three names, unless and in case of uber-hotties with ridiculously bodacious bodies barely contained in bikinis They get exceptions for everything. Even eying me suspiciously and telling their big body builder boyfriends to take me if I have a problem. I do, sir, I want to nibble your girlfriend up and down her bikini line. Not so much a problem as a wanton desire. Shall I run now?

Solveig looks spectacular in this World Swimsuit feature on her smoking body and come hither gaze. One of those times I wish I could climb right into a photo and just get down to the business of helpfully applying sunscreen. I think I need a nap. I feel flushed and exhausted. Is this what lust feels like? Hold me, Solveig. Tighter. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: World Swimsuit

Solveig Mork Hansen in lingerie. Yes, she's that hot!

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