Rosie Jones Hot Guns and Big Guns

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Do you dig hot British chicks with big racks and even bigger guns? Of course you do. Then it's time to fall in early new year's love with Rosie Jones and her visual role in the Hot Shots Calendar 2016 wherein Rosie shows off one wicked hot body and some stellar fire power to combine forces into one round of explosive lust.

I can't imagine how politically incorrect this calendar is in this world of sensitive folk wandering the earth making up rules for civilized living based on their personal feelings. That only makes it that much greater. I'd obviously choose girls over guns any day, but that's me, a make sweaty hot love not war kind of guy. If there's time left over after exhausting rounds of naughty sloppy making of the sexy, then sure, we can fight. If I'm not napping with a smile. Bless you, Rosie Jones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hot Shots Calendar

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