Rocky Barnes Amazing Bikini Hotness

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I'm quickly but most assuredly falling hard for Rachel 'Rocky' Barnes. Cut me, Mick. No, not up there. Never mind. The point is, this Cali bikini model and blogger and occasionally but assuredly mostly undressed hottie on the beach presents a two piece swimsuit body and an attitude that is cutting through the sextastic clutter. This is a rather competitive field.

Rocky's latest work is for Vintage Aloha swimsuit which I'd have to imagine favors the throwback bikinis. I don't remember grandma wearing anything like this, thankfully I've suppressed the memories, but suffice it to say, Rocky could make a potato sack look alluring. You start mixing in tiny bikinis that show off her boobtastic and sweet bottom and you've got an eyeful of hotness. It's a thing alright, a thing I want for Christmas through next Christmas. Rocky, there is definitely going to be a rematch. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vintage Aloha

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