Miranda Kerr Big Bosomy Swimsuit Show (VIDEO)

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Granted, the Love Advent calendar shoots often have seemingly nothing to do with the Yuletide. Which might be a problem if they didn't have so much to do with the likes of Miranda Kerr showing off in a revealing bathing suit set to the tune of 'I Only Have Eyes for You'. Indeed.

I'm not sure what Advent day we are on anymore, but I do know the good folks at Love magazine got themselves quite a lineup this year of the world's most outstandingly hot women, including Miranda Kerr who we simply don't get to see enough of these days. The uber-sextastic MILF makes quite a stunning return in this little vignette of the visual variety. So damn hot. It may be beginning to feel a lot like Christmas outside, but where Miranda is from, and in my shorts, it feels like the middle of summer. I know. I'm sorry. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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