Sandra Kubicka Amazing Bikini In Miami

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The Italians are coming! Sandra Kubicka is just the beachhead for the bounty of bodacious Roman beauties headed to Miami for the winter season. They come in singles, doubles, and by the hot booty gaggle full during December to March, to revel  their hot sultry thong clad bodies beneath the South Florida sun.

Sandra has been there now for about a week, practicing for the ultimate competition in informal sextastic bikini body contests by, for, and between she and her international model sisterhood. Just thinking about all the alluring bare flesh that will be preening across those sands the next few months makes me want to buy a bigger drool cup. Sandra, you have no bad sides, just upsides, and sides I'd like to cover in aloe vera gel and pretend it does something magical. It would for me, not sure it would for you. How do you saw 'smother me with your blessed hiney' in Italian? Anyone? A little help, please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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