Lindsay Lohan Flashes Boobtastic Cheeks and Taut Legs in NoTofu BTS (VIDEO)

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The NoTofu pictorial of Lindsay Lohan has produced some more peekaboo shots from the behind the scenes video which really must be leered to be believed. Lindsay had previously shut down most of her more arousing leaning photoshoots of the past several years as she's wavered in and out of her prime time game. But as always, she gets up for the big show, and puts on quite a show of her body for this photo spread, including one lifting of her top shot that we will ultimately find uncensored.

There was a time when sweet alluring ginger photos from Lindsay were a routine. Then it all came crashing down. As you know, I'm an eternal optimist in addition to being a fugitive from the law in several Latin American nations so I ever hope for the full return of Lindsay. More of this please, LiLo. I know that sextastic still bubbles within you. Taking off our clothes can only help it escape. Listen to me, I'm full of amazing advice. Digging the legs. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Notofu Magazine

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