Kendall Jenner Fiery Black Lingerie For Hot Love (VIDEO)

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As the Advent draws closer to a close, they're saving the hottest for last. Literally. Kendall Jenner in black lingerie either in front of a green screen or in a field of burning hot fires. I'm going with the former if I have to lay a bet. Either way, the site of the 20-year old tall and lanky model in black lace lingerie and a fur coat is enough to set your own anatomical landscape ablaze.

It's been quite a year for Kendall Jenner. While many are apt to lump her in with the insta-model meme, Kendall's been a TV star since middle school and aspired to nothing more than using her statuesque natural body to model clothes. It's a thing for her. Civil engineering was likely never a real alternative. I only know if I ran a high fashion line, between her body and her celebrity attention, I'd hire her to pimp my showy wares on the catwalk and in magazines. She sells well. Different than her sisters, but the bottom line results are the same. And speaking of bottom lines, oh, Kendall in garters. That bottom is a something. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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