Charlotte McKinney Big Beach Cleavage For Love Advent (VIDEO)

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The Love Advent calendar brand of bringing out modern day hotties for vintage boobtastic photo shoots in bikinis and lingerie rolls right into the heaving mammarial goodness that is Charlotte McKinney. And about time. Not that the previous hotties haven't put the old heat in the Yuletide pipe the last couple of weeks, it's just that nothing says Christmas quite like a buxom blond rolling around a beach in a bikini. Ah, yes, the weather outside is frightful.

Charlotte McKinney has earned her spot among the top listers in the faptastic sextastic department and it's nice to see her being rewarded in this video set to music type manner. If there were a nude outtakes version of this same production, I would call this the best Christmas ever. Even better than that time Uncle Jack showed up Christmas Eve four years after his wife told us he was dead. That was thrilling. Though not quite Charlotte McKinney topless. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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