Alexis Ren Wet Steamy T-Shirts For Planet Blue

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Alexis Ren and I have a thing going on. She just doesn't realize it yet. I'm sending out positive vibes, masked only by falsified 1040 tax return to put myself above the starving class.

In her latest and greatest and wettest guise, Alexis appears in a series of wet and quite see-through t-shirts for the benefit of Planet Blue, like the rest of us, an ungainly blue colored marble suffering at the sight of the hotness that is the Alexis Ren body. All wet no less. I think my planet might just explode. Supernova. Alexis, you don't play fair and I respect that about you. We need more water! For both of us. This is just too hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Planet Blue

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