Abigail Ratchford Have Funbags Will Travel

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Abigail Ratchford would look amazing in a burqa. Thankfully, she chooses to wear a little less as a means of sharing her heavenly heaving bosomly gifts with the gentleman ogling world. Like a crocheted dress that shows off pretty much the bulk of her busty blessings without crossing that fine line into full exhilaration and angry advertisers. She knows the line and her sweet voluminous funbags are right up against it.

Abigail has climbed the ladder of the sextastic several rungs at a time in the past two years, all while flashing her enormous happy cans which makes the ascent that much more fun to witness. Obviously, here's to hoping 2016 brings us the completely unburdened and uncovered ripe melons of this wicked hot brunette, my common law wife from Pennsylvania, and all-around sensational female form of the digital age. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Garry "Prophecy" Sun

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