Rachel Sanders Asstastic White Slingshot Bikini In Miami

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If you have to ask what is a slingshot bikini, you're probably not paying close enough attention to these photos of Miami model Rachel Sanders, an up and coming darling whose use of barely there bikinis and a curvaceous top and bottom will surely send her up that much faster. As for the coming part, well, this is a family friendly site.

Rachel's bodacious barely covered booty and body are merely another vaunted addition to the crazy hot storm of lady visual wonderments currently on the beach in Miami for the winter. It's one hot mess of a lust inducing landscape of models in thongs and plunging swimsuits. I've already declared this the best winter ever in South Florida and we're still a mont away. I don't make my predictions lightly. Nor do I take bottomsides like Rachel Sanders lightly. Always firmly, but with a tender touch if I must say. Welcome to Egotastic, Rachel. Linger awhile. We have fromage. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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