Maitland Ward Prepares A Thongtastic Thanksgiving

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I don't know what you did for Thanksgiving, but Maitland Ward decided to prepare a holiday meal whilst in her thong. I chose my old sweats and I think my guests were thankful. But for Maitland, why not cook the bird in a tiny top and panties, this holiday really is about putting on a show

Maitland never missed an opportunity to titillate the geeks at a comic convention, her cosplay is becoming quite legendary. But here she is in a domestic setting still turning heads and making men wake up from their turkey comas. Talk about your horn of plenty. What? Maitland, just don't burn yourself in the hoo-haw and we'll call this the best holiday ever. Thanks for the snaps. Can't wait for Christmas! Enjoy

Photo Credit: DailyCeleb

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