Karla Souza Bikini Hotness For GQ Mexico

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How to Get Away With Murder thespianic and all around young but veteran hot Mexican thespianic Karla Souza is showing some strong amounts of bikini goodness in the current edition of GQ Mexico. I haven't watched ABC since the third season of Lost or whenever it was that they started shaking the camera and pretending there were earthquakes, but I may start again if they ever put Karla in swimsuits on her show.

It's not that I love the Latina hotties more than any other, it's just that with my 'some Spanish' I feel much more able to communicate to them my passions and ideas for sex swing designs in their native language. It's really not the kind of thing you want to get confused with translation. Karla, as alluring as you are, I must note that you are still holding something back. I know primetime network gigs don't come around every day. But I also know being 29 doesn't stick forever either. Reveal to us your full wonders such that we all may breathe more rapidly. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Mexico

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