Jennifer Lawrence Bra Peek in Sheer Top For The "Hunger Games" Premiere In NYC

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Jennifer Lawrence is in a ton of big movies these days, but none are bigger than the Hunger Games series which have really launched her and her heavenly body and good looks into international stardom spotlight. With the final movie in the series set to release tomorrow, Jennifer dolled up and decked out in a very sheer top flashing her bra beneath for the film premiere. Save the best for last and all of that.

I'm pretty sure this actually hasn't been much of a film series after the first movie, but seeing Jennifer in her tight Spandex outfits and showy gowns in the franchise has been more than worth the price of admission. She's blossomed before our eyes into one Hollywood starlet grow'd up sextastic and curvaceous woman. She was stunning many of us from the day we first ogled her, and it has hardly waned in the interim. Yes, it's definitely time for her to go topless fully in film. As her virtual manager and occasional lover, I'm going to push for this in 2016. Dear, Jen.... enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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