Fall Deep Into Lingerie Lust With Colombiana Actress Mimi Morales

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Mimi Morales, thy name is steamy sweet heat. The Colombian model and telenovela actress added another notch to her Sudamericana en fuego bedpost with this passion inducing bit of lingerie and barely covered body reveal for the new issue of Hombres magazine down Mexico way. The amount of skin the Latina actresses show in the periodicals in their home countries never ceases to surprise me, and yet somehow make me sad for the prudish nature of our own domestic hotties whom are either willingly or unwillingly so heavily made modest by their publicists, managers, and brand consultants. Boo.

But hurrah for Mimi Morales. You can be a relatively serious TV star and still flash your epic sultry body in tiny bits of lingerie and we only want to see more of you in all media. Somehow we've got to get this trend moving northward. For now, let us cherish the skintastic moments of this heavenly brunette in all her sideboob and sweet barely covered glory. This really is a thing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hombres Mexico

A sampling of Mimi's work from down Latin America way if you wish to fall deep into lust:

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