Kaley Cuoco Flashes Hot And Sweaty Yoga Abs

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Kaley Cuoco may have cut off her long and lovely blonde locks, and she may not flash her sweet teats like she did before she was married and making super bank on her TV show, but she's been working out like a fiend and not afraid to show off the results. She's downright insisting you check out her legs and booty and abs these days. I shall politely oblige.

Kaley's latest sweat show came after leaving her hot yoga studio, working her mid-section out into a fare-thee-well. Or a caress-thee-well if you should be so fortunate. She is not shying away from the leers and the applause for all those stomach toning exercises. Her backside has been turned into a downright walnut cracker. And her legs could choke out GSP in the octagon (side note: I miss him). Kaley, you've done well for yourself. A return to the lengthy hair and the peeks at the peaks would surely be the capper, but I leave that to your discretion. Just be aware that good people around you are silently begging for it. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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