Valentine Thomas Bikini Clad Spearfishing Huntress (VIDEO)

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Much has been in the unimportant news lately about Valentine Thomas because she's pretty darn hot, wears a bikini, and likes to spearfish her meals. She's actually a world record holder in various components of spearfishing, so tell your Uncle Jake with all his Bahamian vacation tales that he's second best at best, and no way he matches French-Canadian Valentine Thomas in the bikini sport fishing department.

Valentine has been using her social media accounts to bring attention to her environmental stance on sustainable fishing, and doing so while spearing animals to death while in a bikini, which makes her message resonate among the half of the word we call guys. It's quite genius. She seems like she'd be one amazing girlfriend. Until you got her angry and she happened to be holding her speargun. Your hands are going to make poor defenders of the family jewels. Do not press the button. Love me the Huntress. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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