Taylor Swift White Hot Leggy Goodness (VIDEO)

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You know I've memorized exactly zero words to any and all Taylor Swift songs. At the same time, I remain mesmerized by her stage strutting in concert, her long legs pea-henning around the stage in short shorts or short skirts, presumably for her young female audience, but I have to believe meant in some measure for the gentleman oglers sneaking peeks and wishing she was our girlfriend for up to an hour depending on our energy level.

A fan with a shaky hand caught Taylor in Philly breaking into combative passionate song with Rachel Platten in something called Fight Song which is apparently all the rage if you're a teen girl. I'm not, but I'm told all the fine women I adore used to be teen girls so I do try to keep some track of these things. I'm not sure why Taylor and her new gal pal Rachel pouncing on stage in their sort of revealing outfits makes me so weak in the knees, I just want the feeling to never end. Growing up is for suckers. I'll take the pangs of first lust any day. Ladies, keep on strutting. Enjoy.

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