Pia Mia Perez Cleavy Blonde Shots In New Music (VIDEO)

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It's hard to say when a sextastic celebrity has officially arrived. Considering Pia Mia Perez and her family arrived from Guam several years ago with a dream to turn Pia into a hot young singing and YouTube star, along with a healthy bit of teen exhibitionism along the way, I suppose you could say she arrived when she actually arrived. But while her ambition was very grown up back then, it's only now at eighteen that we are officially starting to see her true talents. Man, that body on Pia is going to take her very far. Oh, yeah, the singing too, I think, I guess, I haven't listened so much.

In her latest new heavily produced song that bears no resemblance to actual traditional music composition or performance, the bleached blonde sultry teen flashes funbags of great potential and some passion inducing bits of steamy stares and preens and bends, like a gypsy predicting her own revealing future through dance alone. I'm not sure how many more songs we shall endure before our newly belusted princess removes her clothing, but let's just say we're hoping we can count them on one hand. Our happy helpful hand. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pia Mia Perez "Do It Again"

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