Michelle Lewin Bikini Hot All Over in Miami

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Let the summer season of faptastic bikini exhibitionism begin officially in Miami. Maybe there's a couple days left until the technical launch of the summer season, but seeing fitness instructor and booty body builder Michelle Lewin, I felt the internal temperatures heat up to solstice like levels, something to explain the all over body sweating and feelings of needing a cold shower.

Michelle Lewin is the strong bodied curvaceous kind of sextastic with freckles on top like icing on the cake of the best treat ever. She's fit and bosomy and absolutely stellar in a bikini. Then she gets down to those poses. Candid, but definitely for the gentleman ogling masses who love tight strong thumpers in thongs. Those cheeks on Michelle could crack a million nuts. Mine first please. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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